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The Choices We Make

by on Dec.15, 2014, under General, Tech

Mashable recently posted an article about the game Lose/Lose where the game player shoots aliens that are each tied to an random but actual file on the user’s computer. When the alien is shot down by the user, the random, corresponding file on the computer is deleted. That file could be something inconsequential, or something very important, but the innocent action of shooting aliens in a video game will destroy it. Surprisingly, despite knowing the potential consequences, players are still willing and able to shoot the aliens even knowing that doing so will destroy their computer’s files.

Or is it surprising?

We all make these choices everyday.

From eating fish to driving cars, human choices are having a known and negative effect on the earth. We know what we’re doing, but we do it anyway. Is it ignorance or are we just ignoring our effects on the world around us?

Just as in the game, we often cannot acknowledge how our seemingly innocent daily actions can have a negative affect on the world beyond us until it is too late.

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