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Fwd: Awesome art from existing materials

by on Apr.20, 2009, under Art, Meme

I’ve gotten some annoying email forwards in my day but sometimes someone blesses you with a true gem. Below are some links to a few of those jewels representing sculpted works made from existing materials.

Ghost in the Machine by iri5.
Uses non-traditional recycled material or ‘another person’s trash’ to create art. In this case, iri5 uses old cassettes and cassette tape to form famous portraits of the musician.

Paper cutout art by Peter Callesen.
Amazingly detailed and creative paper cutout art pieces. This is not from the actual forward because the original email had inline images. Luckily, I was able to find a artist’s website on the web.

This veggie art is cute and creative. This is not the actual forward I received because the forward was just a bunch of inline images. Naturally, I can’t find the original artist either, so please leave a comment if you know who created these beautiful sculptures.

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