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How to Install a Genuine Buddy Topcase

by on Mar.02, 2010, under General

This has nothing to do with art, digital or otherwise, but does involve the internet. 🙂

I recently purchased a 2006 pink Genuine Buddy Scooter. This color combination is no longer being made and I wanted to ensure that I got a color matched topcase. Luckily, I was able to find one at Scooter West.

Unbeknownst to me, but beknownst to others, these things DO NOT come with instructions. I was able to find a forum-based general walkthrough at Modern Buddy but figured that picture-based instructions may help someone, somewhere. These instructions may very well be incorrect, but hey, I used up all the provided components and the top case seems attached well enough.  NOTE:  You must already have a rear rack installed on your buddy.


Your top case kit should’ve contained
1 top case
1 large, black plate
2 long brass brackets
4 long bolts
4 short bolts
4 nuts
4 flat washers
4 dished washers
2 keys
a foamy insert liner thingy (not pictured)

If you’re missing any of these…um..good luck.

Additional Tools

A 10mm socket wrench.

Top Case parts


Step 1. Install the large, black plate to your rear rack using the two long brass brackets, the 4 long bolts, flat washers and nuts.  The wider end of the black plate should face the front of the scooter and laid down on the rear rack so that the lipped edges face down onto the rear rack.   The bolts should be inserted from the top of the black plate, through a washer, through the rear rack, brass brackets and nut, in that order.  The rear brackets should be positioned so the bolts are on the outside of the center bar on the rear rack and so the black plate is flush with the back bar of the rear rack.  Tighten the bolts so that there is no wiggle room – everything should be solid.

Bottom view of rear rack and large black plateBlack plate as viewed from underneath the rear rackblack plate as viewed from above the rear rack

Step 2. Attach the top case through the black plate with the 4 short bolts and 4 dished washers.  My topcase fit the best use the the 4 rear-most holes in each of the four pairs of holes on either side of black plate.

View of short bolts through the insides of the top caseView of top case form underneath the rear rack.

Step 3. Insert the foamy insert liner thingy into the top case and optionally lock the case and take a picture.

View of foam thingy inside of the top case.


Here’s a picture of Arcee with her rear rack, top case, windshield, extended mirrors and side crash bars.

Arcee the pink Genuine Buddy scooter

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